Tuesday, November 14, 2006

*My Friend Cam -- October 13, 1972 to November 9, 2006*

I just wanted to take a minute to remember my friend Cam who passed away after a long and hard and brave battle with Colon Cancer. I met Cam when I befriended her older sister the summer before Chris and I started kindergarten (1975). The lived just a short walk around the corner from my house. From early on I was a part of that family... calling their parents Mom and Dad, eating breakfast there on the way to school... even being part of the daily vitamin ritual.

Cam was a great "little sister" for a girl who had only big sisters at home. She grew into a wonderful woman. She became an English professor at the University of Regina and I understand she was well-liked and respected by her colleagues and her students. She married Corbett in 2001 and together they started a family. Liam and Caine are only 8 and 4 and my heart breaks that they do not get to spend more time with their Mom.

Knowing that her time was near, Cam prepared for her memorial service and her obituary, writing parts of both. You can view her obituary (if you wish) ... do a search for Cam McCabe.

The kids know that Mommy isn't coming home.... that Mommy now lives in their hearts. I think they are dealing with her passing better than I am.

Thank you for allowing me to indulge in my sorrow.... and remember to give the ones you love a hug that's a little longer today.

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Nancy Freckelton said...

I am so sorry, that you have lost a friend. Please accept my condolences.big big hugs