Sunday, December 31, 2006

*Enablers... sigh....*

So, two of my stamping friends got Cuttlebugs over the holidays... Tracy got hers with gift certificates and discount coupons at Michael's and Cindy got one from her husband. I've seen lots of talk about the Cuttlebug and I was definitely intrigued....

So, this morning we all trooped out to Brunch and I took my Michael's coupon in case we ladies decided to stop. Stop we did... And I thought.... "if they have a Cuttlebug, I'll buy it". I had heard that they were hard to come by at Michael's in Calgary so I figured I'd be off the hook. I'm walking the aisles and I don't see one... and then, there is the display at the end of the aisle... and one lone Cuttlebug on the shelf.

So yes, I scooped it up along with the swirls embossing folder. I will go back next week with another 40% off coupon to get an alphabet set to go with it.

What on earth have I done????!!! Thankfully, my total came to about $85 instead of just $109 for the Cuttlebug. That's an easier pill to swallow. I sure hope I use it enough to make it worth the money I spent.

Add that to all the shopping I did yesterday at the two stamping/scrapping stores and well... I have a lot of new stuff to play with.

I was thinking I should start making a dozen Christmas Cards per month from now until next December to allow me to play with all my new Christmas stamps... instead of letting them sit there, alone and sad, for a full 10 or 11 months, anxiously awaiting for me to grab them and put them into service, only to find out that I bought more lovely Christmas images in the fall.

Yup, I too went into stamping to "save money" bwa ha ha ha!

Have a good one!


Tracy.H said...

Okay...I am feeling VERY guilty now!! But I know that you will love it. Especially for the is sooooo much easier and faster than the old way!! And the Alphabet dies will be fun to play with...think of non-card projects here...paintcans, journals, tins etc!!!

Cindy Keery said...

You're welcome (for enabling you). ;-) It'll be lots of fun cuttlebuggin' together online.

I like your idea of making Christmas cards throughout the year... now you're enabling me to buy Christmas stamps in January LOL.

Trina said...

Hey Nancy, I got a cuttlebug too!! It was from my DH for Christmas. I have a few folders, but just not enough time to play right now!!! You'll love it, it's soooo easy and fun to use!