Tuesday, December 05, 2006

*My UHU Glue Experience*

Back in November I posted about being able to get some free samples from UHU. The day my samples arrived, they had been sitting in my mailbox for several hours and it was WAY cold outside, so I decided to wait until they warmed up to room temperature before I tried them.

I will admit, first and foremost, that I don't use a lot of glue. I much prefer double sided tape in my cardmaking.

I received, in the mail, a UHU Twise & Glue (the stand up bottle) and a Scrapbookers Pen. The Twist & Glue is neat as you can use it with just a small hole of an opening (not tiny, but a smaller hole) or you can twist the top and use the tip that comes up to spread out the glue. Works really well both ways. The small tip, when squeezed just a bit, was enough to glue on some pieces of bling. And it was great to be able to spread out the adhesive for working with paper.

The Scrapbookers Pen is a nice size and shape for using, however I found the barrel to be a little soft so it was easy to squeeze and get too much glue on my project.

Both glues held well and as long as I didn't use too much, my paper didn't buckle at all.

Thanks so much for the free samples! I will be using these for sure!

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