Saturday, January 27, 2007

*More Candy*

Head on over to Cindy's blog for a chance to win a stamp of your choice from Stamping Bella!

And then head over to Stephanie's blog for a chance to win a great assortment of things!

And then you should go see Emily's blog for another chance!

And then, (if you haven't exhausted yourself!) go on over to visit Dale Anne's blog for one more chance to win!


Shannon said...

I'll be the first -

I told my parents on our first trip to Calgary after I'd seen my first pumpjack by Swift Current that I wanted to work with those some days. My parents thought I was insane but I became an engineer and work for an oil and gas company. I've bought several million dollars worth of pumpjacks for the various companies I worked for so the dream I guess came true however, I know now that it might not be a dream job!

Melodie said...

When I grew up I wanted to be a heart surgeon! I love helping people, and the heart facinated me! I unfortunately cannot handle the sight of sore skin! so needless to say that dream did not come true, but I have found I can still touch hearts by doing so many other things!

val said...

I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I toyed with many ideas...being an author - hated writing...being a forensic scientist (wayyyy before CSI days)-science courses were too hard!

I finally decided to go into nursing - not exactly my dream job, but one that I really enjoy - most days!

Teresa said...

Nancy, I love your blog and congrats on making it to 15,000.

When I grew up I wanted to be a drama teacher. I did not make that dream. I became a nurse and just live with drama in my life!! My life is better than it would have been had I met my original dream. Sometimes we have to see that our dreams have a ceiling and we need to break through to see another choice.

Teresa Bryant

Anonymous said...

I dreamed of becoming a librarian but when I discovered you need to get a BA first and then an MA in Library Arts, I realized I couldn't afford it. So instead, I married, had 3 kids and discovered stamping. I am still attracted to libraries and read a LOT.
Diane Young

Zoe Randall said...

When I grew up I wanted to be a teacher, but never did that. I am actually a dental assistant, yep I look in peoples mouth all day, and yep it can be pretty gross, but I love my job.

YM said...

I wanted to be around aircrafts when I grew up, maybe as a pilot. My dad was in the military and later in an airline. I was told that when it was his turn to babysit, he'd take me to work sit me in front of a window and I'd spend the couple of hours watching planes take off and land.

I debated joining the military, did the air cadets thing, but pilot was a little out of reach...I have problems with height!

So now I am Aerospace engineer, with a hangar full of aircrafts right below me, that I can crawl on any time I want!!!

I guess in a way I did achieve my dream, not quite the way I had intended though!


Susan de Bree said...

I wanted to be a airline stewardess
so I could travel
didn't make the hieght requirment so didn't get in
Susan de Bree

Anonymous said...

THanks for being sooo generous! I grew up deaf and wanted to be an airline stewardess as I love to travel. Unfortunately I was not able to be a stewardess because of my deafness BUT I have managed to travel overseas by volunteering with other deaf organizations!
I can be reached at

Valerie Wilson said...

Thanks for the chance to win! This is fun! When I grew up, I wanted to marry prince charming and be independently wealthy! One out of two isn't bad (no, I'm not independently wealthy! :) Wouldn't it be nice to be able to choose what to do with every minute of your day... dreamy sigh...

Jennifer Jean Felger said...

I dreamed of being an artist....and I am! A stamping card-making artist!

But not quite so famous (;

Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on your milestone!


Heather Brueck said...

I always wanted to be a dentist. I wore braces for almost four years and for some reason I thought it would be cool to be a dentist. I ended up becoming a psychologist
Heather B

Anonymous said...

I wanted to be a truck driver. I am very thankful that I changed my mind because I definately know that job wouldn't have been for me now.

I enjoyed being a stay at home mom but two months ago I started working as an Education Asst.

Joanne Rush

3trikes said...

I believe I have achieved my dream of being a mommy and I always wanted to be an artist, I finished 2 years of my fine arts degree before taking time off to have babies, now I make awesome fingerpaintings with my boys!

Janet said...

When I was growing up I knew that I wanted to travel. I wasn't sure what I would be wen I grew up, or where I would live, but I knew I wanted to see the world. I did that alot but not since I had my first child 16 years ago.

So--it's still my dream and I'm going to make it come true, once the kids are out and on their own.