Friday, February 09, 2007

*Lottsa Flowers*

I have a real thing for flowers. Especially fun and funky flowers. Flowers are just so beautiful and I love the creative things artists and designers do with them in papers, embellishments, stamps....

I bought this paper a few months ago after falling in love with it. It took a while for me to be able to cut into it, but cut I did.... I think I'll need to buy another sheet. That'll teach me to buy only one!

I started with a Pretty in Pink card and cut a Certainly Celery layer that is 1/4" smaller than the card front. I then cut a piece of this wonderful paper 1/4" smaller than the Celery piece. I wrapped a piece of grograin ribbon around the patterned piece. I cut out a flower from the patterned paper, coloured it with my clear Sakura Stardust gel pen and adhered it to the front of the card.

Oh so quick (except cutting out that flower LOL!)

The concert last night was pretty good. Tomi Swick (a singer from Hamilton Ontario) opened for the Barenaked Ladies. He was good. I only know one of his songs, but I now have his album and will listen more. He's good.

The Ladies were pretty good. They opened and closed with banks, but the middle parts were a little slow for my liking. You know, how at a concert, the people who have seats on the "floor" usually stand and from the higher up seats you can see them bopping along with every song? Well, that didn't happen. There were a handful of songs that we didn't know (and we've followed the Ladies since before they were anyone), and a handful of songs that didn't have that "I need to get up and dance" beat. The most energy came with their first (of two) encores.

Alex enjoyed the concert a lot (except those songs he didn't know). Matthew on the other hand... sigh... during Tomi Swick he was dancing a little in his chair. The first few songs by the Ladies and he was totally into it... and then the tiredness hit, and the grumpiness began... and then he started complaining about anything to try to get me to take him home. Poor kid. Part of it was that his ears hurt (and honestly, it wasn't that loud... but I guess it was too much for him). Next concert we take him to, we'll take ear plugs for sure.

I'm glad I went... the guys are a lot of fun when they chit chat with the crowd and amongst themselves. I guess I was hoping for more out of their performance.


Tracy.H said...

Cool paper...nice and springy :0)

Sorry to hear that the boys did not enjoy their first concert experience. I for one prefer to see BNL at the Jube. I think they are more suited to a smaller venue...but I still enjoy them!!

Cindy Keery said...

That's odd, I left a comment here earlier and now it's gone.... anyway.... this card is great!! I thought for sure you had stamped the background... what cool paper!