Saturday, March 31, 2007

*Coaster Frame*

Ahhhh, Spring Break.... if only the weather would cooperate and be Spring-Like for more than a day or two! Yesterday was 16*C (61F) and today we're back to the freezing mark and no sunshine. We had looked at trying to go away for Spring Break... you know.... somewhere hot with a beach and drinks with umbrellas in them... but the prices were higher than we had hoped to pay. So, I am stuck at home where it looks like it will be chilly all week.

Of course, if you know Calgary, you know that the forecast could change at any time.

You know, I think I spend too much time complaining about the weather LOL

Had some good news yesterday... My Mom is coming for a visit. She lives a 7 hour drive from here and we don't see her as much as we'd all like. We had two hours with her at the airport earlier this month when she was heading home from her trip to Arizona. Mom has decided that she's going to travel for a month... she'll be with my sister in Toronto for 2 weeks and then here with us for 2 weeks and will then head home. The important part is that she won't be alone for the first annivesary of my Dad's death. And my sister and I are both happy to have her come to see us!

On to today's project.

As you know, I am totally loving these chipboard coasters! I have so many ideas, but am having trouble making them look the way I want. If you are in the Calgary area, I still have 500 coasters up for grab.... $5.50 per hundred. Email me if you're interested! SORRY... all of the coasters are spoken for!

I had the idea for this hinged frame before I even had the coasters. Now all I need are the photos so I can embellish it.

My thought for this frame is to put the photos of my 6 close friends (there's a group of 7 of us), one per panel. I will then decorate each panel with ribbons and flowers etc as needed to make it totally beautiful.

Problem with my design... I didn't buy enough hinges from Home Depot so there is only one between each pair of coasters. Doesn't make it the most stable. I also find them to be kinda loose. I also ended up punching my covered coasters in the wrong order... the panel second to the end should have been on the end (alternating solid florals with florals with a patterned stripe), but I punched two sets of holes in the wrong panel.

The paper for this is all from The Angel Company... not available in Canada but I found someone who was willing to ship it to me.

So sorry for the pretty view of the kitchen chair... I need a better set up for my photographs!

Now, to get my girlfriends to give me photos of themselves!


scrapbookingoasis said...

Looks good. I like the paper.

Trina said...

Hi Nancy,
I really like your idea for the coasters. Your paper is awesome - so pretty!! I had no idea that there were so many different things you could do with coasters!

Cindy Keery said...

This is stunning!! I'm dying to make one of these! I'll have to send dh to Home Depot ASAP! I love that paper, too! I can't wait to get my TAC catty in the mail.

Jennifer R said...

Wow, that was a lot of work. What a lovely gift that would make also.
I think it looks great. Make sure you post it again with the final embellishments.

Heather said...

I love this creative use of the coasters! So imaginative and fun. Absolutely beautiful.

AnneMarie said...

what a fresh look! this is so sweet! hope you post the final outcome!

george.franco said...

Too funny! I just followed a link from a RAK card you sent and found you here! So glad you are enjoying those TAC papers...they look GREAT!