Tuesday, April 24, 2007

*Cuttlebug Tip*

I recently saw a tip for your Cuttlebug... it said to lengthen the life of your B plates, rotate and flip them every few times you run something through your 'Bug to keep it from getting warped. This will, in turn, keep it from breaking.

I have broken a B plate, but that was before I found out this information. Not sure if it works for sure or not, but I'm sure it would help to keep the plate from warping.


Tracy.H said...

I do that actually and I also switch my plates. But mine just seemed to warp and I knew it was gonna go...just not in the middle on my project!! I guess from now on I will switch them more often and see if it helps...and maybe keep a spare one on hand ;0)

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

I thought I was using my CB wrong so I am glad to hear that warping seems to be the norm! I'm gonna get a spare for when it's needed. Thanks for the tip.

Louise said...

Thanks! I shall keep that in mind :)