Tuesday, May 08, 2007

*Shane's Wish*

I'm sure many of you have heard about this already, but I am appealing to everyone to help out this little boy. This is not a hoax. Shane is a 7 year old boy from Ontario Canada who will be turning 8 on the 30th of May. Shane was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was only five. His wish is to break the world record of birthday cards received.

First, I just sent him a card from me. But then I got to thinking... and I contacted my two sons' teachers and asked if they could do something in school to get the kids making cards for Shane and I would pay the postage to get the cards to Shane. They then made the suggestion to more of the teachers at school. They talked about it in their classes and many of the kids not only made cards during class but also went home and made more cards for Shane.

On Saturday I mailed off a box with 244 cards for Shane in it. Two of the teachers at our school had already mailed off cards for Shane before I had come to them with the idea.

Take a look at his website... and do your part in putting a smile on Shane's face! Send your card... have your kids make cards... encourage your family and friends to send cards. Ask the teachers and daycare providers to do a craft project to make cards for Shane... get creative and have some fun!


Nicole v said...

Thanks for sharing this story Nancy. I have forwarded the information to everyone in my email box!! I hope his wish comes true.
Nicole v

chelemom said...

I also made a card for Shane! I had my 5th graders make him one as well as many of their parents and siblings! I ended up mailing 66 cards to him!

Michelle said...

Awesome awesome job Nancy...what a wonderful idea.

Jami Speidel said...

Thanks for sharing this story. I'll pass the information along on my blog! Let's make his wish come true!!!