Friday, June 08, 2007

*Flashback Friday*

Not much chitchat from me today. Around 9 last night this killer headache appeared out of nowhere. I went to bed. Got up this morning and it is still there. Three Advil Liqui-Gels have done nothing for it. Nor has a dark room, rest or and ice pack. It hurts so much I feel sick to my stomach. It sucks.

Today is Friday (woo hoo!) so it's time for a card from my past. This card was done during my Radiant Pearls phase. For a period of time when this product first came out, I had all of the colours produced (more than 100). I was a member of the Radiant Pearls Design team and was lucky enough to meet Leslie (the creator of this product and Twinkling H20s) at a stamping convention. She was such a sweetie. We've lost touch over the years....

I painted the image with Radiant Pearls, stippled a colourful background onto white cardstock and swirled a white based Radiant Pearl colour onto dark cardstock and then embossed it with clear embossing powder.

I loved how I could so easily blend these colours together... they stayed wet long enough to blend and play. This is probably the one product I've used in my stamping the most.

I sold off a bunch of the colours I no longer used, but kept a whack of my favourites, but they mostly sit in a drawer waiting for the day I decide to pull them out again... someday!

You can see some of the stuff I did with Radiant Pearls years ago here and here.


Cindy Keery said...

Pretty card! It's no fair that even your old cards were gorgeous. :-)

Kendra Giles said...

I totally feel for you nancy! I had one of those last night myself and thrashed around in the bed all night - today I am soooo sleepy and my right eye still hurts! What a great card! :)

Libby Hickson aka stampinlibby said...

I'm so sorry about your headache, that sounds just awful! Hope it clears up SOON! And I like this card, even if it's a flashback! Guess you're one of the lucky ones who's always been talented. :-)

Heather S. said...


I did get your RAK, check out this post on my blog.

I posted it and everything.