Monday, July 09, 2007

*Another Game of Tag*

I've been tagged by Beth to "toot my own horn".... that is, I need to list 7 things that are good about me and then tag 7 others...

1. I have eyes that are an awesome shade of blue... they are my favourite feature

2. I have a strange sense of humour. Things make me smile but it takes a lot to get a good laugh out of me. I think it makes people wonder about me LOL

3. I love to sing... I'm not all that great at it, but I love to sing. My kids (who are 12 and 10) don't think I'm that bad... I've trained them to like bad singing LOL

4. I am good about making sure I have time to myself. I need to get away from everyone else to be a good person... so I stamp, I read, I walk, I listen to my iPod... I escape

5. I have been published in rubberstamping magazines with my creations. I have been in The Rubberstamper and Stampers Sampler. One of these days I will submit some creations again.

6. My genuine smile lights up my entire face... you can see it in my eyes as well as my lips

7. I am getting more and more brave with trying new foods... I started out life as a very very very fussy eater and am slowly trying more and more foods. I don't like all of them, but many of them I do. I'd still consider myself a fussy eater, but it's not as bad as it once was. I read an article somewhere years ago that talked about a study done on tastebuds. It was apparently discovered that there are three types of tastebuds... normal, overactive and underactive. Underactive would be those who pile on the spice and taste nothing. Overactive are people like me who pick out the smallest hint of onion or pepper and that will ruin the meal for them.

I tag...
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Louise said...

Hmmm.... I see that tag! I'll have to ponder 7 things and get on to that!!! Might take a couple days to get published though :)

Beth said...

Thanks for playing! You were so smart to teach your kids to like "bad singing," I love to sing and even my 3 year old asks me to stop (though I'm sure you are much better at it than my tone-deaf attempts.) Also, please know, that you have given me hope. My oldest DD (age 10) is a terribly picky eater!