Sunday, July 01, 2007

*Another Tag*

I've been tagged twice for the same reason.... Tracy, Julie and Jen have tagged me to tell you 7 things about myself....

1. I am a homebody. I have no problem spending time at home instead of in a crowd. Once I get out of the house and head down to a celebration (like Canada Day stuff at Prince's Island here in Calgary) I have a great time, but getting me there can be difficult. Being a shorter person in a crowd freaks me out.

2. Despite knowing the dangers of skin cancer, I love to sit out in the sun and prefer the way my body looks with a tan. I know I know... I'm bad.

3. I can't stand non-diet pop anymore. I started drinking Diet Coke during my first year of University and am no longer able to deal with the syrupy-ness of a regular pop. It almost makes me gag.

4. I hate hats. I don't wear hats. I won't wear one in the dead of winter. I don't wear one in the sun. Bruce loves the way I look in hats but I don't. I also hate how it wrecks my hair style. Hat head sucks.

5. I am coveting all of the peonies I am seeing this spring/summer. It's the one flower I really want to have growing in my yard but I am awaiting some work to be done in my back yard that will give me some flower beds. Peonies remind me of my Dad. Not to mention they are so big, bold and beautiful!!

6. I love french fries. I could eat them daily. You can tell I eat them too much these days as my weight has been creeping up during the last year. I like them with just salt, or sometimes salt and white vinegar. I also think they are awesome when dipped in Ranch dressing. YUM!

7. If I knew I was going to die and could have one final meal, I'd start with nachos. Then I'd have a BBQ steak with french fries and garlic bread for dinner. To finish it all off, a good chocolate cake with chocolate icing and vanilla ice cream. I'd probably throw up from eating all of that food, but that's OK.... I'm dying anyway!

So.... to tag a few others.... I haven't checked my blogs all out today cuz I've been down at Prince's Island enjoying some live music for the Canada Celebrations so I have no idea who has tagged whom....

Here are my tags....
Shannon, Flossy, Jen, Domenica, Cindy,

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Trina said...

Yum, that last meal sounds wonderful!!! Chocolate cake is always the perfect ending to any day! I don't like non-diet pop either..and weirdly enough the height thing has never bothered me..even tho I am only 4 foot 10. (my hubby is 6 foot 4)ha,ha!!