Saturday, July 28, 2007

*A Few Vacation Pictures*

Here are just a few vacation pictures for you all.... we took more than 300 photos so here are a few of my favourites!

This is our "let's get on the road photo"....
This is the family at Emerald Lake. Bruce and I spent our 15th Anniversary out here in June 2006. It's beautiful

We stopped at the "Natural Bridge".... the water has eroded the rock in the river and has created a channel to go through. Very cool.

A natural photo of Matthew near the Natural Bridge... throwing rocks into the river is one of his favourite things to do!

Waiting for the gondola down to the Hell's Gate stuff... yup, I was brave enough to go down there! Hell's Gate is where the Fraser Valley is at it's narrowest and the water rushing through is more than what goes through Niagra Falls.

Hells Gate

This is my cousin Shelley and Matthew during our wander around Lynn Valley Canyon. Matthew just loved Shelley and her husband Geoff.

Shelley took this photo of us in Lynn Valley Canyon

This amazing photo was taken during a Birds of Prey demonstration on Grouse Mountain. This barn own is trained to not fly away but loved to fly over the crowd. This photo was taken right over my head.

This is the family standing inside a huge hollowed-out tree in Stanley Park.... with just our faces showing

Matthew and his buddy Geoff shopping for dessert.

Yup, that's a Humpback Whale!!!

The wedding in Courtenay at Kitty Coleman Provincial Park. What a beautiful location for a wedding... it would have only been better had it stopped raining for a little!

My friend Mona and her new husband Chuck... it was such a beautiful wedding!

Alex showing just how much taller he is than Auntie Mo

We stopped at Qualicum after leaving Courtenay to see these Spheres that my father-in-laws friends' son makes. You can stay in these things! They are sphere shaped tree houses. Very cool.

My boys, taken at Little Qualicum Falls.

My guys on Long Beach.

Goats on the Roof Market in Coombs!


Jennifer R said...

Wow, looks like you had an incredible vacation. Glad you were able to do so many things. The family pictures are super, especially the one where you are all peeking out from the tree!
Well done!

Anonymous said...

OK Nancy I am now totally jealous. I really think you could have found room for your "favorite" sister. Sandra

Nancy Grant said...

What fun pictures. It looks like such an adventure!

Suzie said...

The owl picture gives a Harry Potter feel to the pic. Glad to see you had a beautiful vacation.

Lori Barnett said...

Your vacation pics are great! Looks like some beautiful places! We didn't get to go anywhere this summer :( I was hoping to visit my dad - he recently moved to Oregon. Maybe next year!

Charlene Weaver said...

Beautiful pictures Nancy; it must have been an amazing vacation.

Quilt Nut said...

looks like a fabulous vacation Nancy!

Tracy.H said...

Great pics, Nancy!! I am on my way to check out those Spheres! Too cool! What did ya think of Coombs? Did you have some Icecream there? It is awesome...and soooo cheap! :0)

Shanna Andrews said...

Hey Nancy and family

So nice to see you and spend time with you all this summer. Now that we are Alberta bound we should get together more often. Glad to see everyone enjoyed the rest of your trip! !

Anonymous said...

Cool! When we visited Coombs in 2004 we were there in April, and the goats were not yet 'out' and on the roof - now I finally saw what it looks like! Helen Froese

domenica said...

What an awesome trip!!

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Those pictures are awesome!!!! It looks like you all went on many adventures. Much more adventurous than our trips to BC.
I would like to see all of your pictures!
Love Kell

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. My favorite was the sphere treehouses. I want to stay in one.

Stampinsars said...

your owl pic is amazing! your whole trip looks like fun times!