Sunday, July 22, 2007

*Little Update*

Hi All... sitting in my hotel room in Courtenay BC while the boys and Bruce are down in the pool... would kind of like to hit the hot tub too but would much rather enjoy an hour to myself.

Having a great time on our vacation. We left Calgary last Saturday and drove to Kamloops BC with lots of sightseeing stops along the way. Sunday we drove to Burnaby BC (just outside Vancouver) where we spent three days with my cousin Shelley and her husband Geoff. We did a lot of sightseeing there as well before hopping on the Ferry to Nanaimo (on Vancouver Island) on Wednesday afternoon.

The wedding of my childhood friend Mona (I've known her since grade 1 -- 1976) and her sweetie Chuck was a beautiful event yesterday despite the un-ending rain throughout the day. The wedding was overlooking the ocean at Kitty Coleman Provincial Park with a dinner under a big tent in their backyard here in Courtenay. They put on a wonderful party for all of us.

It's been great being here in Courtenay as there are 5 of us who are elementary school friends that are all together for the first time in a long long time. Two others were unable to make it and one other friend who came into the fold in high school is here as well. It has been great to chat and catch up and giggle!!

Tomorrow our family is packing up and heading to Ucluelet for a night... it's kind of a resort town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Tuesday we will head down to Victoria for two nights before hopping on the ferry back to the mainland and starting our two day drive home on Thursday.

I am looking forward already to being home and sleeping in my own bed again... it's been a lot of travel all in a row for me.

Other updates:
Mom isn't doing all that great with her shingles. So bad in fact, my sister has traveled from her home down east to spend a week with Mom. Mom is in a lot of pain which is now being somewhat managed by morphine. She is sleeping a lot which is probably a good thing. I feel so bad for her... she seemed to be getting better when I left her on the 12th. Poor Mom

Alex finished Harry Potter a mere 27 hours after we picked up our copy. He wasn't allowed to read during the wedding ceremony or during dinner, but once the food was cleared we allowed the book to come to the table. He read all through the gift opening this morning and finished it. He has been sworn to secrecy, not allowed to talk about it with Bruce and I until we have read it for ourselves. I am so tempted to drop book 4 (I am re-reading the entire series) and pick up book 7 right away!!! But I will stick to my original plan.... I will enjoy it more this way!

So, I'll be home sometime next Friday and I promise to post a creation for you during next weekend!!!

Take Care!


Tracy.H said...

Glad that you are having a wonderful time! So sorry to hear about your mom though. Hope she feels better soon!! :0)

Alli Miles said...

Have a safe trip out here...take the corners slowly (it's a twisty ride!). Hope we can connect even for a few minutes.

domenica said...

I am glad you are having a nice vacation! :) We honeymooned in Tofino, I just love the island!

Anonymous said...

Did you have a good time in Ucluelent? Where did you stay?


Quilt Nut said...

sounds like a wonderful holiday

hope your mom is feeling better soon