Saturday, August 04, 2007

*Blog Style Scattergories*

I saw this over on Jen's Blog and thought it would be fun...

For each question your answer has to start with the same letter that your first name starts with. For boy/girl names the name can't be the same as your own. I challenge you to try this out with YOUR name.

Your Name: Nancy
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Nickleback
4 letter word: Neck
Vehicle: Nissan
TV SHOW: Night Court
City/Town: Nice (in France)
Boy Name: Nicholas
Girl Name: Nicole
Occupation: Nail Technician
Something you wear: Necklace
Celebrity: Naomi Watts
Food: nanaimo bars
Something found in a kitchen: nutmeg
Reason for Being Late: no gas
Cartoon Character: Nemo
Something You Shout: Nimcompoop!!


Charlene said...

Your Name: Charlene
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Chris Issac
4 letter word: Chew
Vehicle: Cadillac
City/Town: Chilliwack
Boy Name: Charlie
Girl Name: Cheyenne
Occupation: Clerk
Something you wear: Capris
Celebrity: Charlize Theron
Food: Cantalopue
Something found in a kitchen: Cup
Reason for Being Late: Chaos
Cartoon Character: Calvin & Hobbes
Something You Shout: Crap!!

Connie said...

Your name: Connie
Famous Artist/Band/Musician:Conway Twitty
4 letter word: cough
Vehicle: Comet
TV Show: Captain Kangaroo
City/Town: Chicago
Boy Name: Connor
Girl Name: Chole
Occupation: Choir Director
Somthing you wear: corset
Celebrity: Celtic Women
Food: Caper
Something found in the kitchen: can opener
Reason for being late: coughing
Carton character: Captain America
Something to shout: Cheers

Connie said...

Well wasn't thinking on the four letter word so I will have to say cats. Thanks for sharing and I love you sight.

Dawn Griffith said...

Hi Nancy : I seen this and I will have to try it for my blog ( maybe this weekend ) love things like this that make us think a wee bit .. How fun and thanks for sharing this with all of us ..