Friday, August 03, 2007

*Flashback Friday*

Today's Flashback Friday contains more than a Flashback card... but also a Flashback encounter that happened last night!

Before heading off to bed, I decided to check my email. There was an email from someone I haven't chatted to in years. Her name is Emily and back before Matthew started school (and Alex was in grade 1), she was the Administrative Secretary at the kids' school. I would spend a lot of time volunteering and eventually working in the office with Emily and we always had a lot of fun together. When she retired from her job, I was so sad... I could hardly get through the part I had as School Council Chair in her farewell assembly.

A few years back I had dinner with Emily and the current Administrative Secretary at the elementary school, but we lost touch after that. Emily and her husband Ned were traveling in their motor home in their retirement.

Emily found me last night, through my blog!! She started doing paper embroidery with a group at one of the parks they stayed at in BC. When they moved to Saskatoon, the wives of her husbands curling buddies all did paper embroidery as well. They are all now card makers using a variety of techniques and products.

And Emily happened to stumble across my blog. How cool is that??

So this is a shout to Emily.... I'm so glad you emailed!!! You brought a total smile to my face.

And my card is for Emily too.... one of my paper embroidery cards from 2003!


Quilt Nut said...

love those embroidery cards Nancy-beautiful card!

domenica said...

Wow, I haven't seen that style- I am too new to the stampin' world! What an oldie but goodie! My first cards are HIDEOUS! ;)

Happy Long Weekend!

Corie said...

This card is amazing!!

Joy T. said...

That is so cool. I think I'd cry if someone from 'way back when' found me. I tried embroidery cards before last Christmas and really liked it. Might have to try again :o)

Kathy W said...

I've never seen this technique before. Wow, this is so pretty!