Friday, August 24, 2007

*Flashback Friday*

I've been having another kind of flashback lately... been having a blast on Facebook finding people from my past (as well as people from my present). I have found some friends from the neighbourhood where I grew up, some friends from elementary school and high school, friends from my days in Toronto and working at the UofT, stamping friends, weight loss friends. Cool.

Todays card is another oldie... and for the first time on this blog, I am bringing up a card from my past that yes, I loved when I made it, but now I can't stand it! LOL

This card uses Magenta images, gold Beadz, burgundy cardstock, mulberry paper, clear embossing powder and markers. I stamped the small flower on the card base with clear embossing ink and embossed it in clear as well. I stamped the larger image in clear again on off white mulberry paper and embossed it. Once it was cooled I sprayed the mulberry paper with water. I scribbled markers on a plastic lid and picked up the colour with a wet paint brush and let the colours bleed in to colour the image.

The best way to "cut" mulberry paper is to actually tear it to create a feathered edge.... use a wet paint brush to paint your tear line which will make it easier to tear. Then simply pull the excess away from you.

There you have it.... enjoy your Friday!


Quilt Nut said...

i have many cards that when i look at them now its with a cringe lol!

this one isn't so bad!

Helen & Co. said...

Well I didn't want your card left with one lonely comment on!(mind you, I am new to blogging and have a few sad one commenters!!) - I can honestly say I love the colour anyway