Tuesday, September 04, 2007

*First Day of School*

I thought I would share the photos I took of the boys this morning, before they each ran off to school. I've taken this photo every year since Alex started Kindergarten back in the fall of 2000...

This is Alex.... he is 12 and he went off to grade 7 at Jr. High today. We're sending him away from our community school (which goes to grade 9) for a program for Gifted students. He knows two other people in this program going into the first day and while I was very nervous about the change in his life, he was really excited this morning! I think he's starting to look so grown up.... sniff sniff

This is Matthew... off to grade 5. Not sure how he's not a little kid anymore. I remember thinking I was a pretty big kid in grade 5. He wasn't thrilled about having to head back to school this week, but this morning he was happy to be going to see his friends. He's also thrilled that his homeroom teacher is the same teacher as he had last year. A good thing since he really had a great year last year.

And of course, since school is back in session, I was back at my job in the lunchroom today... I work 2 hours a day over 4 days in the lunchroom at Matthew's school. It was noisy and hectic but not so bad... it's great to see the kids you got to know last year, fun to watch the kids who are new to the school try to understand the added freedoms they have.

My legs are killing me from standing for two hours though... not used to that!

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Oh my god.
My little cousins have GROWN UP!!!
I think alex is gonna have to start beating them off with a stick.
Holy crap. haha

Very cute.
Give them both hugs and tell them Rachie misses them.

Oh, and give Milo a hug for me too.


Heather said...

Wow! It is obvious we have been apart for too long--the boys have changed so much! Alex is such a young man now...hard to believe.

Hope the first day went well and give everyone a hug from me.

Miss you all so much

Flossie's Follies said...

Your boys are very "handsome".

Dawn Easton said...

It's so nice to look back at those pics and see how much they have grown!
Hey I work lunch program at my daughters school but only one hour a day. It's my stamp money!!! LOL
So I was happy to get back to work today but learning all those new kids name can be challenging!

Tracy.H said...

Wowee!! They do look grown up...watch out Mom!! ;0)

Quilt Nut said...

i didn't know that we had boys the same age. we sent our 12yr old off to private school this year. he didn't know anyone there and has been ecstatic about going-a big change from last year!