Friday, September 07, 2007

*Flashback Friday*

It's FRIIII-DAYYYYY.... Friday of the first week back into a routine. And let me tell you, I need a weekend! I am not a morning person so getting up all week with the alarm has been tough. But, I am proud of myself... I have not once hit the snooze button and fallen back to sleep. I have turned off the alarm, stayed in bed for a minute or two stretching, and then up and at 'em. Go me!

Being Friday means I got to go through a bunch of old cards for you again.

I decided that since the weather is chilly here today that it was time to share a fall card.

This card is from sometime in 2004... an off-white speckled cardstock and some great copper accents. The front panel of the card was created by stamping the leaves on white glossy cardstock with clear ink and embossing it in clear. I then smooshed dye based ink on top to create the resist.

I remember being very pleased with this card... but to look at it now, it is missing something.

Isn't it amazing how our styles and tastes change???


Quilt Nut said...

love the leaf stamp but agree, it's missing something

i've been good with the alarm all week too-i am not a morning person and going to be early at night is killing me lol!!

Diane said...

Hey Nancy,

Wow, your style has changed a bit since that card was done, I bet. LOL Like the fact you are doing some flashbacks. I don't dare look at what I was doing several years back, it might scare me. :)


Karin said...

Just found your blogg and I really like your style. It seems we both like flowers. I live in Sweden and I bought my first rubberstamp 2002 and after that in 2004 I also started scrapbooking.
Regards, Karin