Monday, September 03, 2007

*Thanks Tracy*

A big thanks to Tracy for her kind words about me on her blog.... and for the nomination for a Best Blogging Buddy award!!!

Tracy was in my first stampers club a few years ago... we met as she is the sister in law of one of my good friends. Natalie brought Tracy along to see if she'd be interested in the club... the next thing I knew our year was over and Tracy was signing up to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator under me.

Since then we've chatted a lot and become friends. She is a very talented and creative person and I hope you'll take a minute to check out her blog.

I get to nominate some people now for this very nice award.... I choose

CINDY at imagine.dream.create: Cindy and I started out as enemies more than 10 years ago. Well, maybe that's a strong word. We started out with a disagreement. And a few years later we were chatting all the time over msn. When I decided to sign up with Stampin' Up!, Cindy was the culprit behind it. You can find us chatting on msn pretty much daily. Cindy is very creative and I admire her work.

SHANNON at Live, Love, Laugh and STAMP: You know, I don't honestly remember how I met Shannon. I know she's a member of the YahooGroup (CST) I moderate. But beyond that, I have no idea. I do know that she's a great girl with a lot of wonderful ideas to share. Unfortunately for us, we pissed away her unemployed period and instead of stamping on a regular basis, we haven't done it at all! Darn girl goes back to work soon! sigh.

KELLY at Kelly's Art Journalling: Kelly and I met when they first moved here... I had taken my youngest son to the school to pick up my older son back when he was in grade 1. We were followed home by a woman I didn't recognize and her two boys. Talking to Alex I found out that this was the new boy in his class. They live a stone's throw from our house. Our older sons played together, our younger sons became best friends, our husbands met and Kelly and I become very good friends. Over the years I have taught Kelly how to stamp and I've learned that she is a very talented, creative and artistic person. She has some beautiful items on her blog.

Please take a little time to check out my friends' blogs.... they're worth the time to visit!

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Tracy.H said...

Every word is true! :0)