Wednesday, December 12, 2007

*Cards from Cindy*

I completely forgot to take photos of and share two cards that I've recently received from Cindy. Bad Bad Nancy!

First is this great change of address card. I really loved this design! It's a Z fold card and the little piece of Hodgepodge Hardware holds the front flap closed. Great idea!

And then is this wonderful Christmas Card! The Cuttlebugged piece is glossy and it looks so good having gone through the Cuttlebug. And have I told you that I love his SU set?

Thanks Cindy!


Cindy said...

You're welcome!

Tracy.H said...

Wow! These are both awesome. Lucky you!
I might have to try gloss with the cuttlebug...never even thought about it...looks great with the snowflakes!

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

I love the house card! Do you know where she got the stamp from?