Tuesday, January 29, 2008

*Waving Hi to Colette!!*

So, I went into work yesterday, at The Scrapbook Pantry.... and unfortunately, with our cold snap here in Calgary, the heat had stopped working. I was in the shop for an hour and a half with Crystal (the owner) and neither of us dared to take off our outside wear. Poor Crystal was there until 5 and I don't think that the place started to warm up until sometime in afternoon.

This morning I was back at the store for 9:30. I was the first one there... and guess what? It was even colder in the shop this morning than it was yesterday! I could actually see my breath! Crystal and Michael showed up a few minutes after me and Crystal decided to close the shop for the day.

For those who are wondering, our temperatures are in the -30s right now (-22F) plus wicked windchills. Very BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

While I was waiting for Crystal to come in, the phone rang.... and on the other end was my co-worker Colette who gave me grief because I haven't mentioned her on my blog.

So there you go, Colette, you've been mentioned now!

Colette does some beautiful things with her scrapbooking... I wanna be just like her when I grow up LOL!

Todays card is another I made as a display sample for the store. The cardstock is Bazzill (I think this one was Leapfrog) and the patterned paper and letters are from the Two Scoops line from Basic Grey. I outlined the letters and the strip of paper with a black marker to help them "pop" out a little.

Because this is a scrapbooking store (with a small selection of stamps and inks) I wanted to show that you can make cards with only scrapbooking supplies. A little (or a lot) out of my element, but I'm trying!!

Crystal still thinks I need to start scrapbooking.... I'm not so sure!!

For those of you dealing with this cold cold weather, stay warm!! For those of you who are lucky and have warm weather this week, enjoy it!!!


Shannon said...

You could start scrapbooking with someone you love and doesn't irritate you at all ... start with Milo!

I really hope things warm up soon!

Tracy.H said...

I second that one!! ;0)

Flossie's Follies said...

This card is great, I can't imagine being in weather that cold.

Allison said...

Hey...this looks familiar! Thanks for playing! (And I am so going to start outlining my die-cuts too...it is such a neat touch!)