Monday, February 04, 2008

*All Two Scoops*

Today was neat... for the first time since I started working at The Scrapbook Pantry, I was able to work my 5 hour shift. The kids were off school and I didn't have to work at the school (since there were no kids there) so I offered to work the full shift instead of my split shift. It was great. I found that I got so much more work accomplished. Much better than only being there for an hour and a half at a time!

This is my last week working both jobs... I start my 20 hour work week on the 11th. And I'm really looking forward to it!

I created this card with items from the Two Scoops line from Basic Grey. I was totally amazed to find that Basic Grey released some stamp sets that match the Two Scoops papers etc.

I do have one comlaint about the Basic Grey stamps... They smell something awful! There is a really strong odour that comes off them. I haven't run into that with other acrylic stamps.

For those following the story of Alex being sick, he is feeling a lot better today. Most of the pain is gone, his fever is gone.... guess perhaps it was a flu or something? Just glad it wasn't anything serious!

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Julie Mutch said...

Hi Nancy,

This is really pretty, I love the flower...too bad about the odour of the stamps...did you check to see if others are like that? I've never encountered smelly acrylic stamps, but maybe you just got a bad batch.

It's great that you're enjoying your new job at the Scrapbook Pantry, I'm envious! lol :) But, then I think perhaps it's for the best that I don't work in a crafty store. I wouldn't be making any money at all, I'd get paid and just hand my pay check over to them again! lol :)

Well, I just finished shoveling more of the white stuff. We got a dumping again last night and it was heavy snow again since we always seem to get rain afterwards. Oh well, it was a good workout! :)

Hope you have a great day!