Friday, February 01, 2008

*My Nestabilities Storage*

I've started to collect the Nestabilities and had been storing them in the clear CD Cases... I put a few strips of double sided adhesive inside each case and could store two sets of Nestabilities in each case. In January I purchased the full set of ovals from UCutAtHome using the 40% off VIP Coupon. Today I ordered the full set of circles. Next month, the squares.

I was inspired by the storage idea I saw on Cindy's Blog. I believe she used a magnetic frame, however I didn't see any of those at Michaels. I did find these rather plain black edged frames, 2 for $8 so I picked them up. I came home and spent about a half hour ripping some Basic Grey papers creating a collage for inside my frame. I then took three strips of magnetic tape and put them down the frame. The Nestabilities sit on here just perfectly!

I have this on my wall, right by my Cuttlebug (as you can see). There's enough room on the wall up and to the right of this one to put my second frame.

I still have another frame to decorate. Once it is done I should have enough space for all of the ovals, circles and squares on the two frames.

Thanks so much for the inspiration Cindy!!!


Deborah said...

What a great storage solution! I just may start collecting these wonderful sets! Hard to resist! Deb

Deb Browne said...

Great idea. I love nestabilies
but can not find where they sell them here in Ontario, Canada.

I see your in Canada, where do you order them from. And what set would you recommend, im looking at the ovals, do you recomment the large or small set?

I like your background but it makes it a little hard to see your images.


Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

It looks awesome girlie! I mentioned to come take a peek over here to see another wonderful storage idea on my blog!
Thanks for the playdate on Friday!
PS Love the new look!

catt871 said...

This is a great idea!!! I think this would make it easily accessible!!! Thanks for the tip!!! You put the magnet strip on the outside of the frame right??