Wednesday, February 27, 2008

*Sometimes It's The Hardest Part*

Are there any other bloggers that agree that sometimes the most difficult of creating a new post is coming up with a title? I may have to resort to titling by posts by date. I just never know what to say.

Should I call this one *Happy Hump Day* or how about *Another Store Sample* or *No Stamping Required*??

It's hard!

Anyway... I'm still battling the headache I've had for a few days now. Thankfully it's not constant, but when it's here it hurts. Maybe I need a good massage. Who knows.

Todays card is another store sample, done when the store first opened. I used some Bazzill Bling Cardstock and some great paper and epoxy stickers from Creative Imaginations.

Thanks for stopping by... sorry it wasn't more rewarding!

I think I'll head down to the stamp space now.... make you something pretty to look at!


Carol said...

I like all three of your ideas for a title for the post. Your card is very pretty to look at! I hope you can get rid of that nasty headache. Maybe creating a new card and having a nice long hot bath will cure your headache.

Carol Hinton

Dawn Easton said...

Oh Nancy, I'm sorry you are dealing with headaches lately. Could it be the weather? I get migraines and sometimes it is when the weather changes. Whatever is causing them, hope it goes away and STAYS away for you!

Your card is the stickers and of course the colours!!
I always have trouble naming my posts too...I don't really give it much thought though...haha
Get some rest!

Flossie's Follies said...

This card is adorble, love the paper and flowers.

Deborah said...

Hope you are feeling better! No worries on the darn titles! This card is lovely! Take it easy! Deb

Jennifer R said...

Very pretty card! Like the new products you are getting to work with! Well done.
hope your headache goes soon.
I had one for 3 days and it just went away last night. I'm wondering if it was the Chinook?
Anyways, take care. Jennifer

Ila said...

This card is Lovely! I know what you mean about the titles...but those sound pretty good!
Hope your headache goes away..and your feeling great soon!!..Take Care!

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

I agree on the titles thing and I have only been doing my blog for a month and it's already hard. Also I get headaches here in Calgary too. I know mine is weather related. When the Chinooks come it is the worst. It feels like tension but then I realize I am not stressed at work. LOL.

Paula said...

Nancy, I'll second that sentiment. I have a time trying to think up a creative names for posts!!!