Tuesday, April 29, 2008

*What To Pack?*

I need your help!!! As you all know, I am a card maker, but I work in a Scrapbook Store. We are having a Staff "Crop" on May 9th and I really would love to do more than just pack up a bunch of stuff and bring it home at the end of the night having done nothing.

I am not good at this though. This is why I have conveniently offered to host the Cal-Gals until the end of time. I like having all of my stuff around me. This way I don't have to make any decisions until the card leads me where I need to be.

But this won't work for the Staff Crop!!!

I want to be productive. I want to have fun.

I just have no earthly idea what to pack.

I mean, I know that there are basics... but how do I move on?

I would LOVE to know how you pack for a crop.... do you just take a bunch of stuff and some colours of ink and cardstock and go for it? Do you plan and take only things that go together? Do you work on a specific project? Do you show up and spend your time just staring at your lovely supplies?

Help me out??

Leave a comment on this post with some tips for me to try... and as a reward, I'll draw for some awesome blog candy on May 4th.

Wanna know what the blog candy is?? How about a brand new, unused set of Classic Square Scallop Nestabilities (large)????

Thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT: I should clarify a few things about my dilemma...
*I will be making cards, not layouts
*I can buy while I'm there but I'd rather not
*I know the basics to take (paper trimmer and other tools), but I'm wondering more about how to decide what out of my stash is important

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Cindy said...

The only way I am semi-productive when I go places to stamp is if I plan ahead of time what I am going to make and pack accordingly. Another thing I sometimes do is just pack an assortment of things that coordinate so I can still be a little creative. It also helps to have some card sketches printed out, so if you're stuck you can use them to get you going.

Have fun at your crop!!

~Lana B.~ said...

O wow, that's hard for carmakers isnt it? I usually pack: 2 base sheets of cardstock for your layout plus 3 coordinating patterned papers, some matching bits of ribbon, flowers, embellies etc, and your pictures you want to use (already matted) then all you need is to print out a few sheets of scrap maps to take w/ you and vioala! It really will come together for ya! Let us know how the crop goes for you!!! Have fun!!
~Lana B~

Lissame said...

Not sure how your set up will be but in most cases the store has tools and other things for your use, if not you would need to think of things that you want to do. So the basic tool/crop bag would have, 12" personal cutter, pen, pencil, earser, cardstock, pattern paper, some of the other tools that I would bring would be some stamps N ink, exacto blade, any new embellies you want to use, a few paper shapers, ribbon(bring the basic colour, I would bring white as I can colour this with either chalk or brush tip pens), also think of multi use items that you like, I would go with a plan that you want to get done but bring some extra's that would inspire something else...also bring a notebook as someone may have something that you like and willing to share the how to with you...mostly expect to get nothing done...or at least very little, crops tend to be gab sessions with a little of the creative part. If you have upcoming cards to make take what you need for them with an extra for creative and I am sure that the SB store will let you buy anything that you think would be a good add to what you are working on...good luck with the crop and let us know how it goes for you.

Hilmarose said...

I REALLY wish I could help you but I have NEVER been to a crop of ANY kind!

JaneL said...

Look at the calendar and see what occasions are coming up. Make up a craft keeper for each card that includes a sketch and req'd supplies. If you have time to pre-plan only a couple of cards, make 2-3 of each for future use. You could also just stamp and colour images for future use.
Another idea is to make simple notecards - fewer supplies to pack and less thinking req'd so you can chat more!

Josiejo60 said...

I would pick a couple colors I want to work with and embellishments to work with those colors. Pack my favorite tools or at least those that I know I usually use that won't be available at the crop. I have to totally agree with you....I like to have all my stuff around me too.

Amy said...

If I were in your shoes, I think I would stamp a whole bunch of line art images in advance, pair each image with a swatch of patterned paper (as a guide for potential color combinations that you are sure you can work with later) and pack those along with a coloring medium. I would spend the crop coloring away and worry about assembling the cards later. You'll have a bunch of fabulous focal images to work with down the road without any of the stress of either hauling everything in or not having all the right stuff with you.

I do this all the time when I travel...works great for crafting in hotel rooms, too :-)

sandyh50 said...

Well, I would take the basics like you said, but would color coordinate my cardstock an designer papers. I also would thing of a theme, maybe kids cards, or thankyou cards, or take some sketch challenges and play with those. Have fun at your crop. And if you forget something, someone will kindly lend you something.


Shannon said...

I'll tell you on Friday how I pack to come to the Calgals!

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Take what you love and use the most; I would die without my brads. Take a challenge item...something you've had and been meaning to use. Take a couple of sketches you like. Make a list of cards and people you would like to have cards for...sometime's it's easier to create with people in mind. I only take 1/2 sheets of paper, and my scraps of ribbon and designer paper...works for me. Sounds like fun..so have lots of it!

Stampin Cats said...

I occassionally will take stuff to work with me to do on my lunch. I have my usual tools, stamps and ink. Them in a medium zip lock bag I have my extra stuff. Bottles of stickles, aqua painters, punches, ribbon and buttons or brads. sometimes its my cropadile and some eyelets. I need a basic idea of what I want it to look like. Then I pack from there. If I can't fit everything in a grocery size bag, I have too much.

Michelle said...

How fun is that Nancy - you are going to have alot of fun.

When I go "away" somewhere for cardmaking or crops I always have an idea what I will be working on, like a project & I just bring everything to make that project, if you are doing cards maybe have an idea of what you want to make, what kind of cards & than have some sketches with you & that will make it so much easier.

The simpler the card the better.

Sally said...

I think you need to decide what you want to accomplish. DO you want to create completed cards or work on parts of cards? You can take a few colors of CS and PP with some embelishments and some images stamped or prestamped and set out to complete cards. YOU can also use this time to make card parts, trim paper to fit a specific card base, bring stamps and make multiple immpression of images for future cards. Bring punches and create embelishments. Does the crop location provide tools that you don't own? Cuttle bug, die-cut machine? If yes, take advantage and create a stash for you to use at home. Just some ideas. BUT, most of all, Have FUN!

wendyp said...

I usually end up staring at my supplies, lol! I try to preplan my layouts when I pack. Despite how organized I go to the crop, I still always feel very unorganized and unproductive. I'll pack up the photos, a selection of papers and matching embellies for each layout in a large bag. I also try to pack a few basics just in case. Black stazon, basic alpha set, a favorite stamp set or two, cutting mat, knife, marker for journaling, adhesive and a few extra sets of alpha stickers.

Kristi-Anna said...

If it's only an evening crop, don't plan to bring a lot, b/c if you are like me, you'll just sit and chat, and not get lots done.

That said, I would perhaps try a 'theme' for your cards for that night. Perhaps do all birthday ones. that way you can bring your birthday sentiments, a few stamps that you have that you know will go well for birthday cards.

I hosted a crop once, and the lady brought card stuff... but ONLY SCRAPS!! She determined to use only scraps for her cards - yes, even for the card base itself. She came up with some fabulous cards with papers that had been torn, bits of patterned papers, punched papers, you name it!!

What does the store have for tools for you to use? You won't want to bring lots of tools when they are already there too!!


bethtrue said...

hi Nancy - good question. I have gone to events where i'm badly prepared and end up wasting my time, and events where i've planned ahead, and been really productive. I think you should try to develop a few concepts beforehand (i.e. stamp sets, paper colors, etc.) and then just bring those supplies, so you can more easily focus. If you just bring a bunch of stuff, it will be more distracting, at least IMHO. Good Luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

A said...

I usually spend a little time planning what I'm going to work on, then pack accordingly. If nothing else you could stamp off some images and spend the evening coloring.

JenMarie said...

It's so hard to pack to stamp away from home!
I usually either have a project picked ahead of time: Christmas cards...thank you card sets...etc.
OR...just pack a good variety! I know, not much help... ;)

Heather said...

Whenever I go to a crop, I try to play ahead what I am going to work. That way I can pack all the necessary basic elements. While at the crop, I focus on those projects with the addition of any "bling" from the store.....

Good luck & have fun!

Kelly A. said...

Other than the basics (adhesive, cutter, etc.), I think it would be fun to bring those extra scraps of paper and ribbon or things you haven't used in a long time. You may get inspiration outside your home and from your fellow crafty people. It may not be the most organized way, but it might be the most fun!

Stephanie said...

I have no clue have never been to a crop... I would love a chance at the nesties though! :o)

Brenda said...

This is a hard question for me to answer being as I have never been to a crop. I do however travel to my sisters house to make cards and what I do is take my favorite stamps sets, papers and embellishments and see what I come up with. Good luck and what every you take I am sure you will have a good time and have some beautiful cards when you are done. Thank you for the chance to win. Happy stamping!

Kathy W said...

I would pack one of two ways: first (as already mentioned) I would stamp images ahead of time and spend the time coloring. I would want to make sure I was in a place with good lighting, though. The other option I'd go for is to plan one or two card designs based on one color scheme with various DP. I'd take my most favorite embellishments (also already mentioned); for me, that would be ribbon, stick on bling, and a few primas. Must haves include my adhesives, clear glitter pen, white gel pen, and if I had room, a few punches (use my ticket corner, slit, and scallop a lot). Sounds like fun, and thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

I have a smallish Rubbermaid container that I keep duplicates of some of the tools that I use all the time: scissors, ruler, eraser, pencils, some paper, stylus, etc. Then I just have to add what things I specifically want and I'm good to go.


Anonymous said...

Very Cool blog candy!! I'm going to my very first crop on Saturday...I can't wait..what I'm going to make sure I take is some pagemaps..and go through my pics and pick out pics to go with the maps..and I hope to make up little kits so that I'll be able to get lots of pages done. Thanks so much for the chance to win.


Sacha said...

I find that I hoard more than I use so if you are anything like me I would suggest picking out the items from your collection that you really want to get using and then pack everything that coordinates or complements those items. Hope this helps.

Laurie said...

Yup, I'm with the planners. I plan per project and put each project in one of those large freezer ziplock bags. Stamps, paper,ribbon etc. Sometimes I may have an idea fromm a mag and I may tear the page out and put it in there to... in case I blank on what I was supposed to do.
Then after that there is just the basic stuff...pads..pens..
Once you get started it all comes together...you will be surprised at how much the scrapbookers want to learn from YOU!!
HAve fun!

Amy said...

Well, I just went to my first scrapbooking crop and was getting all ready to give my advice until I saw you were making cards. Of course I still have advice anyway. I took 3-4 sheets of all my paper colors. I didn't use them all (not even close) but I think I will keep my little stash in a plastic folder for next time. It is nice to have a mini-paper stash. I also took the punches that i am most likely to use. I chose 3-4 of my favorite sets right now. Of course if you have unmounted stamps you could take a lot more. I took only a couple of inkpads but took my markers. Then I had all the colors in a mini way. :) I also took a (big)baggie of ribbon pieces. I hope these ideas help. Like you, I like to be at home when I stamp! Oh well. We can't always get it OUR way! :)

Anonymous said...

Well--here's my plan for the convention this year. Last year I just winged it and made 1 card. LOL This year, I've got a list of things I want to make, plus all the supplies ready to go. Hopefully I'll actually create things.
I'm also flexible though, so that if I decide to do something else, I've got the basics with me.

Janet B

Tillie said...

I would focus on upcoming events - such as graduation or weddings. Then choose one or two stamp sets, several different color combinations of paper and inks, embellishments and your "toolbox".

I usually stamp for awhile, then wander around and check out all the creativity in the room.

Deb B said...

What I do is take sketches or go on page maps and print some card layout ideas.
Next pick cardstock and paper to match. Bring a few basic stamps, a package of watercolour pencils or markers to colour them in. Dont
forget to pack some basic greetings and embellishments to match. Dont forget your basic tools.
Have fun and dont forget to post the cards you make, Id love to see them.

Jenn D said...

I got your fabulous RAK today and posted it on my blog. You have quite a dilemna. I don't do crops because I can't figure out what to take. I'd rather have everyone come to my space instead.

Here is what I'd do for cards - pick a package or two of patterned paper that you want to work with.
Take Matching cardstock colors and ink
Take a few stamp sets that match the patterned paper
Print off a few card layouts or sketches of your favorite ones (or print off the newest sheet load of cards - and then pack on what they have listed in the supplies)

Jenn D

Denise Bennett said...

Hi, I alway pack for a theme... all occasion, christmas, birthday, and then pack a couple of sets of stamps that work with the theme that I love. I take some card sketches and a variety of paper, and ribbons and go from there... and of course, my cuttlebug!

Good luck and have fun!

Theresa said...

As far as choosing stamp sets to take, I would probably try to have some ideas ahead of time, maybe by having a theme in mind or choosing some of your favorite designer paper and then selecting coordinating card stock and stamps.

If you just can’t take as many as you’d like, you could always stamp images ahead of time to get a better selection. Also, if you have friends that are going, and don’t mind sharing, you can coordinate with them so that you don’t bring the same stamp sets. Just make sure you sit together.

I would also think about what supplies you go to the most. Are there particular stamp sets or colors that you go to time and again? I would think those would be the most important things to pack.

Whatever you do, don't forget your camera. Good luck and I hope you have a terrific time!

Nadine said...

Wow you've got some great sugestions here. There's not mch I can add. I think the most important thing is to go with a plan in mind & have all your supplies coordinated so if you change your mind on what you want to do you will have no problem. No matter what you will have fun. Good Luck.

Darlene said...

I always have the same problem so I started tracking what I use and what I dont... I always take my brads...the are all mixed up in a case..I have a small box of ribbon on those small spools (about 24)then my favorite corner punches and of course my colluzze (sp) & my nestabilities!!