Sunday, May 25, 2008

*Another Wet One*

Yup, more rain today. The forecast is saying that today is the end of the rain. Still cloudy and cool for tomorrow. I think this is day 6 of rain. Please make it stop now....

Had a great time out with a bunch of friends last night. We went to our favourite hole in the wall pub where we ate wings and fries and onion rings, drank a little and watched the fight on Pay Per View. OK, I didn't watch much of the fight, but the guys all enjoyed it.

I'm still in a bit of shock over all of my news this weekend. I am so excited to be going away with my sister!! I just know we will have an awesome time! I will miss Bruce and the kids, but it will be great to have some sister time! And the tattoo? Part of me thinks it's just a fake piece of art... but then I remember that it's not. So strange.

On to the card-making...

This card was the 3rd and final card I made at the staff crop at work a few weeks ago. At this point I had given up trying to use the patterned paper I had brought with me.

Like I keep saying, I don't do well crafting anywhere but home.... but maybe if I do it more I'll get better at it!

I think we are off to see the new Indiana Jones movie this afternoon... although part of me would like to sit at home where it's warm and dry and read or craft.

Enjoy your day, whatever you end up doing!
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JessicaLynn said...

What an adorable card. I really love it! Great job!

Jessica Lynn

Allison said...

Cuteness Nancy!

bensarmom said...

Gorgeous card Nancy. I love the title of your blog!