Thursday, May 08, 2008

*Didn't Someone Say It Was Spring??*

This is what we've got going on here today... hasn't started yet (just rain), but it's coming apparently..

City of Calgary
4:31 AM MDT Thursday 8 May 2008
Snowfall warning for
City of Calgary issued

Heavy snowfall today and tonight.

A cold upper low has crossed the continental divide overnight into southern Alberta. Laden with pacific moisture and tapping into cold air, the low has the potential to produce large amounts of snow. Snowfall amounts will vary depending on the amount of snow melting on contact with the ground.

In Jasper, Nordegg and Rocky Mountain House snow will continue today with additional snowfall amounts of 10 to 25 are expected before the snow ends this afternoon.

For the Banff region, Kananaskis region, Airdrie region and northern Okotoks region rain is changing to snow early this morning. In Calgary and southern Okotoks region rain will change to snow this afternoon. In these regions local snowfall amounts are forecast to reach 10 to 20 centimetres by early Friday morning.

This weather pattern will be closely monitored as the upper low develops over southern Alberta.
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Quilt Nut said...

it's so sad i can't even make fun of it. i feel for you guys!