Friday, May 09, 2008

*Yard Update*

Some photos of the yard, taken at 2:30pm today.... you can tell where the yard doesn't see a lot of sun! It's currently 6*C (about 43*F), which is quite a bit cooler than it should be in Calgary in May.... but at least the sun is shining, it is looking less like winter, and the grass is turning green. We needed the moisture to green up the lawn, but I would have rather gotten rain!!

The trees are beginning to bud... saw a few leaves popping out on my walk on Monday night... but not in my yard. My poor little Lilac in the first picture went into distress late last spring (it got flower buds, but then they started to

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Shannon said...

I thought you were stamping!

Aren't you a keen little blogger today.

Joy T. said...

After the winter we had, I am just GIDDY at the sight of green lawns!!

Tracy.H said...

The grass is lookin' good. I can't believe how green ours has turned since we got back on Tuesday!! Thought it was suppose to be sunny and 14 today?? Where is the sun?? It looks like it will start to rain again here soon!! :0(