Friday, July 11, 2008

*Fun Stuff To Share*

I have been lucky in the mail department this week again. I love getting more than junk mail and bills in my mailbox!
I received this beautiful card from Deb Albright who is also participating (in fact organizing) the Blogger Pen Pal Round Robin that I am participating in at Splitcoast Stampers. Thank you so much for the beautiful card. That ribbon is stunning!

This card is another Pen Pal Round Robin card from Kelly Smith.... I love this colour combination. Stunning card... thanks Kelly!

I received this card from Tammy Fite who also playing in the Round Robin. Again, I really like how the colours work together on this card. Thanks Tammy!

This beautiful piece of artwork was given to me at work yesterday. My favourite little customers Madison and Lexis came into the store with their Mom yesterday. These two girls are just the sweetest. They come in and head straight to me for a hug before they head off to watch the TV we have for the kids in the store. They truly make my day! Their Mom, Merlie, is a really really nice lady and has some wonderful cards on her blog. On the back of the paper one of the girls wrote in kid-language (aka, just a bunch of lines) "thank you for giving us candy every day". They melt my heart I tell ya!

Thanks to everyone for the beauties I received this week!

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Merlie said...

Lexiss said her fav is the purse from all the cards that you received. You should of seen her face when I showed her your blog.