Monday, July 07, 2008

*Let The Festivities Begin!*

I turn 38 later this month, and last week the birthday cards started coming in. I am one of those people who just LOVES their birthday... sure it means I'm another year older, but honestly I don't feel anything close to 37 so I'm OK with that.

My first card came last week and it included a package from Cindy Keery. She's selling off a bunch of her stamping stuff as she's moved away from card making and paper crafting (sniff sniff). I offered to buy the handful of Copic markers she was selling. They arrived, along with two UM stamps and a birthday card... what a great birthday present! Thanks so much for the lovely card and gift, Cindy.

My second card arrived today from Charly Weaver who is busy waiting the birth of her first baby! This giraffe is such a cutie-pie!!! Charly, I hope you are feeling well and taking some time to yourself over the next few days... your life is about to change (all for the better, I promise!!!)

Thanks so much ladies!!

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Tracy.H said...

Okay I really need to tell you how old you are???!!! You are turning 38 not 37!!! ;0)

Lologrl said...

Yay... birthday's are FUN!!! Have a great one... when is it? LOL!!

love your goodies - lucky gal!!