Monday, July 21, 2008

*Lots of Photos*

This will be totally unrelated to crafting, but I wanted to share some of the family photos from Sunday. We had a little fun between shots and I've included a few of them here as well. We are a family who likes to have fun!

This is probably my favourite of the family shots... Nice composition, no one looking too dorky. The people are....
Back Row left to right... Bruce (my husband), me, Heather (oldest sister), Sandra (next oldest), Tim (Sandra's Husband)
Middle Row left to right... Alex (my oldest), Bev (Mom!), Casey (Sandra's oldest)
Front Row left to right... Matthew (my youngest), Rachael (Heather's only), Alexis (Sandra's youngest)

This is us having a little fun waiting for Rachael to set up the shot

And again...

Not our favourite pose, but a good lookin' family all the same

Not sure why everyone appears to be looking down my shirt.... something of interest I'm sure!

Got caught LOL!!

Another good photo....

And silliness to go with it.

Nana and the grandchildren

Just the women

Being silly...

Milo and Mommy

Milo waving HI!

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Tracy.H said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. You look nothing like the rest of your family...maybe if you had glasses you would. ;0)

You guys planning anything special for your big day??

Faye said...

I LOVE all the antics you all pull with each other....especially you girls with Mom....too funny!!
I am a fellow Canadian and just found your Blog.I live in North-Eastern BC.

Cheryl said...

Great photos and I am in love with that sweet Milo!

Joy T. said...

All the pictures are great, your family definitely looks like they know how to have fun. And sweet Milo. Love his picture too!

Jennifer R said...

Great pictures, even with all the boob-grabbing!!LOL
Just have to scrapbook them now!

Rachael said...

woot i rock as a photographer :)

Lologrl said...

A silly family is a happy family!!! Love all the pictures. Cracked up with the one of you cupping mom.... how fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy, I thought your mom's name was Bev?!

Great shots! You looked like you all had fun!

By the way, happy birthday to the both of you! Have a great one!