Thursday, September 25, 2008

*Enjoy This Short Break From Christmas Cards*

I don't know what's up with me this week. It all started on Sunday as I pulled the beautiful prime rib roast out of the oven. Suddenly this wave of nausea hit and hit hard. I was green for about 18 hours. Monday I was nauseated and had a headache. Tuesday, just headache. Today, a nasty headache again.

And the scale jumped up 3 pounds and has stayed there. I know I deserved a pound or so of it after a not-so-great week with my food choices, but 3 pounds that won't leave?

And before you jump up and say "Are you pregnant???" I can tell you that I definitely am not (see the video I posted HERE).

I am very tempted crawl back into bed this morning but I figure I should go to work since I had yesterday off (we had Alex's consultation with the periodontist to talk about how they are going to get his rogue adult eye teeth into position (they are currently impacted in the roof of his mouth!!!!). And I have to teach tonight and would hate to disappoint the students who already had to switch their schedules once to accommodate a change in dates I had to make.

On to the reason why you are here!!!

I created this card to send to one of my "stalkers" for her birthday. I have known Sandra for a while now through the Canadian Rubberstampers YahooGroup I own/moderate (called CST) and I've gotten to know her better as she is a regular customer at the Scrapbook Pantry.

I took inspiration for the colours for this card from a gift card holder I received from Nicole this past summer. It was sitting on my desk when I was thinking of an idea for Sandra's card.

The colours are Kiwi Kiss, Tangerine Tango and Elegant Eggplant. The flowers are from the Beautiful Blooms set by PaperTrey and the sentiment is from Birthday Blooms by Stampendous.

So, that's my story today..... hope you all have a good day!!

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Tracy.H said...

Hope you find out what is up with this headache soon! :0)