Friday, September 19, 2008

*Too Busy*

Sigh.... life just seems so busy these days. I work 20 hours a week plus I have been putting in some hours at home updating the website and trying to design cards for classes at the Scrapbook Pantry. And then there's family stuff... TaeKwon Do twice a week, music lessons for the boys one night a week, helping with homework. And the Welcome Back BBQ was last night at Matthew's school and I was in charge of organizing that. I haven't had much of a chance to blurf, blog or stamp.

Tonight is the next CalGals gathering at my house and I have yet to create my challenge card! I hope to get to it today. I really should have gone to the gym first thing this morning instead of putting it off until my gym buddy gets off work. It's not like I wasn't up at 7am. So much for sleeping in on my day off! So far this morning I have done some work to try to finish up the BBQ stuff, spent more than an hour updating the classes on the work website. And now I need to head to the school to drop off money from last night and go to the chiropractor. After lunch I'm meeting my girlfriend at the gym (and we'll drop the kids off at the pool for an hour). And then I hope to create that darn card for tonight!

I taught my Christmas Card class on Tuesday morning (and will teach the same class again on Thursday evening). I think that the class went really well... the ladies there were all rockstars and finished the five cards in record time! I was SO impressed!

This card uses more of the Imaginisce Snowy Jo papers as well as some of the glittered brads and one of the stamps from that line. Each student in the class received this stamp as part of their class kit.

Sorry for venting on my life today.... just feeling tired and behind on life....

I hope to catch up soon!
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Merlie said...

Tell me about it!!! I'm just glad it's Friday and we get to play tonight.

Anonymous said...

Be gentle on yourself.... slow down and try and maybe "delegate" some of your "duties"??? Perhaps making a list first thing in the morning (realistic of course)might help -- maybe put 3 things on your list that you would like to accomplish that day... Hope this may help, JoAnn

Deborah said...

Life happens! Love your darling gingerbread man card! Have fun with the girls! Deb