Thursday, October 02, 2008

*Happy Thursday*

It's been a strange week for me as I've only worked two days instead of my regular four because of appointments with Alex and his teeth. Tuesday he got his braces on and today at noon he's having some surgery done to remove two baby eye teeth and to put some ortho brackets on the adult eye teeth that aren't in his gums where they should be.... links of gold chain will be attached to these brackes and then the chains will be attached to the braces so that the orthodontist can help these teeth find their way.

I was sure yesterday was Thursday, probably because I knew it was my last day of work for the week. At least I feel like I'm having two Thursdays instead of two Mondays!

This is another card I created for the store (the Scrapbook Pantry) to use some of those great card fronts and starters that we carry. I added some Stickles to the centres of some of the circles... you know me, just love the bling!

These are a great way to make fast and easy cards.... also a great idea for scrapbookers who are looking into trying card making.

Life with Miikka and Milo is going well. Miikka is getting used to our house and our family and is spending more time with us than hiding away from us. Milo is still jealous, but hasn't shown any agression to her at all. She loves to nuzzle up against him, and he allows it. He just hates it when she gets love and he doesn't, so I usually have to make room on my lap for both of them!

I am off... need to get myself ready for the day and then find Alex an early lunch (or a late breakfast) as it may be the last meal he wants for a few days.

Enjoy your Thursday!
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Jamie Martin said...

Really pretty card. Hope all goes well with Alex, it sounds terrible.

{imagine. dream. create. } said...

Very nice card, Nancy!

Tracy.H said...

Hope all goes well for Alex today...not going to be a fun day for either one of you. :0)