Friday, March 27, 2009

*Longest Week in Recorded History*

Happy Friday morning everyone! I thought we were at Friday a few days ago, so I'm happy to announce it's finally here. I don't know what caused it, but this week seemed to crawl by. On Tuesday I was convinced it was Thursday.... felt like I had done so much and that it had to be Thursday already. The whole week felt like that!

Had some bad news on Wednesday... my Mom's best friend passed away. This is a family that I grew up with, knew well. Auntie Donna was a warm,vibrant, funny and fun woman, and she will be missed by all who knew her.

I'm playing the role of a single woman for the weekend... Bruce and the boyz left for the mountains yesterday to spend some time with my mother in law and her husband at their time share condo. I am enjoying a quiet (and clean) house.... although I will admit that it feels a little weird to wake up in a quiet house! I am looking forward to my stamping gals joining me to play tonight!

A few other things going on in my world as well... but we'll leave that for another day....

I created this card as part of my April class at the Scrapbook Pantry. We used a great clear stam set by Scenic Route that included these three candles. There were these two images on the sheet that I had no idea what they could be... one of the gals in one of the classes I taught pointed out that they were the candle flames. Well of course they were! Duh!

But, since I didn't know that when designing the class, I had to improvise with some bling for the candle flames. The gal who knew those images were the flames stamped them on, coloured them and added the bling as part of the flame. Hers looked awesome!

The card was all about the bling... Bazzill Bling cardstock, Copic Spica Atyou glitter pens... and bling, of course!

I hope to make a bunch of cards this weekend while the family is away... or at least to work on my colour combination book for my Copics (thanks Shannon!). I want to be crafty this weekend!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever it is you end up doing!

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Connie said...

A wonderful combination - a quiet weekend and card making! Enjoy.

kyllimarjaana said...

Enjoy your weekend .

Kalyber said...

OMG EVERYONE I know has said the same thing about this week and I concur. Hope your singleton weekend is fabulous.