Sunday, April 19, 2009

*A Favour to Ask!*

Hey everyone.... I am writing today to ask a favour on behalf of a friend. She is busy collecting cards for two ladies who are reading milestone birthdays in the next few months.... first there is Bea who will be turning 100, and second there is Mary who is turning 90.

She is looking for people to help her out... to send more cards to these ladies... the goals are 100 cards for Bea and 90 for Mary. I, personally, would love to see a lot more than that for each of them! What wonderful milestones for these women! Think of all that they have seen, done and experienced in their lives.

If you are willing to ship off a couple of your beautiful hand made creations, please email Amy (click her name for the link). She is collecting the cards so what I did was I put the cards with a greeting in each in their own envelopes with the ladies' names on them... and then into a larger envelope addressed to Amy.

I know what a generous and caring group stampers and paper crafters are... so I know that many of you will help Amy out!

Please direct any questions to Amy as she's in charge... I'm just trying to help.
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Doramiyi said...

Thank you Nancy! In the short time of these past few days I've received 13 responses. Thanks so much for posting on your blog and online group.

Come the days when smiles are on the faces of our 100th & 90th birthday girls, know that a good part of it was because of you.

I really can't thank you enough. You are a gem.

doramiyi at gmail dot com