Saturday, May 02, 2009

*I Did It Again*

Well, not even a year later and I've done it again. On May 23, 2008, I did THIS.... and on May 1, 2009... I did this... (and yes... there is stamping in this post!)

Yup, another tattoo! I knew I would get another after I got the first one last year... and I always knew it would be on the top of my foot. A bunch of us went to get inked yesterday (including my Mother-In-Law... I gave her her first tattoo as a belated birthday present!). I more or less designed this one myself, with STAMPS!! And you thought this was going to be a non-stamping post!

The swirl is a simpler version of one of the images in the Inkadinkadoo Dot Flourishes set. The snowflakes started out as stamps from SU but the images were too detailed so I went to a computer font instead and had each family member pick their favourites. There is one snowflake for each member of our family... the one on the top right symbolizes Matthew, the one on the top left is Alex, the one on the bottom right is Bruce and the one in the middle is me. They aren't exactly like the ones we chose, but as close as could be done in a tattoo of this size

This tattoo hurt a lot more than my first, due to the placement of it. It was a completely uncomfortable process. Bruce took some video and after I've prescreened it, perhaps I will post it for a laugh. I mouthed a lot of bad bad words (couldn't say them outloud with my mother in law there!)

Despite the pain, I am thrilled with the design.... I think it's a beauty!

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Michelle said...

Well exciting, aren't they freakin' addictive???!!!!

It's gorgeous, I love the snowflakes & what they symbolize.

Brave, I will never do my feet!!!

Tracy.H said...

Very cool!! That would be the only place I could think of that I would put I will be waiting...forever!! ;0)

Shannon said...

Looks great. You are very brave... I don't think I'll ever do it.

Paula Barin said...

Nancy, you're so brave. I keep chickening out. I was thinking of getting one on my ankle.
Looks beautiful.

Dianne Forst said...

It turned out beautiful! Great image!!

Mary said...

I stamped a sunflower on the top of my foot a few years ago and went and got a tat. I love it and will be adding to it soon.