Monday, June 01, 2009

*Blog Candy Winner*

I'm so sorry I didn't pick a blog candy winner on the weekend as I had said I would... it completely slipped my mind!!

Today is our 18th Wedding anniversary... Bruce and I were married on June 1, 1991. I was only 20 years old on our wedding day!!!! I thought I was so grown up and mature... I look back now and see that we were merely children who thought we knew what we were doing... and I guess we did since we've been married for 18 years!

So.... I chose my number for the blog candy winner by adding the 6 and the 1 that stand for June 1 and came up with the number 7! The lucky winner is ERYN!

Eryn, pop me an EMAIL with your address and I'll get an envelope full of goodies off to you asap!!

Thanks for the input on the photos.... whenever possible, I will take the photos of my work outside.
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Tracy.H said...

Have a very Happy Anniversary today!! :0)

Merlie said...

Better late than never... Happy Anniversary! Hope it was a good one.