Thursday, July 30, 2009

*Master Suite (?) Renovation*

We have lived in our house for 13 years and of course, our tastes have changed. A good friend of ours helped us out this week and painted our master suite. I wasn't too sure of the colour as she was working, but once it was done I was starting to warm to it... and once we got our stuff put back in the room, I was in love! We now enjoy spending time in our bedroom.....

First, two before photos...
Not a great photo but hopefully you can see that the walls were an off-white colour... pretty much the same colour as the carpet. Very boring. This was after we took the bed out of the room and moved everything to the centre of the room. Our bedroom is pretty large as it is the "bonus room" above the garage.

Many years ago we tried a faux technique in our master bathroom.... I didn't know that I should have put a dark base underneath. We've hated it since the day we did it.

And now, the big reveal!!!!

This is the new paint colour, a view from our bedroom towards the door (the master bathroom is the opening on your left)

A view from the one corner of the room. In addition to painting we cleared out a lot of crap and removed a piece of furniture.

The room is not done yet.... a new bed frame should arrive this summer (it's on order), I want to buy curtains, and we need to hang pictures. Some day I will also have the tall dresser to go with the dresser seen in this photos (they came from my Grama's house)

A shot of the master bathroom without the pink walls. We took the picture from the family room, replacing a candle holder we had on the wall before that was just too small for the space.

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nanabev said...

Looks great Nancy,you can get the dresser anytime you want.

Merlie said...

Love the new colour! Much better than the old one.

Lorie said...

Wow, Nancy! That colors is LOVELY!!!

Tracy.H said...

Color looks great...can't wait to see it once the new bed arrives too! :0)