Saturday, July 04, 2009

*Quickie Birthday Card*

Happy Saturday everyone (and to my American readers, Happy 4th of July!). We have only a few days left of our visit to Mom's house for this summer.... amazing how quickly the time has passed! The craft room is almost to the point where Mom could sit down and craft in there... technically, I guess she could get busy in the room however there are still some things that need to find homes. Our plan for today is to take a load of stuff to one of the local donation bins and then to move the TV from the basement to the main floor living room and get the cable hooked up.

I created this card a few weeks ago, in a big hurry. My son was going to a birthday party and had decided he wanted to make a card. I was out the night before the party and told Matthew to make sure he worked on it before I got home. I got home, he was in bed, and there was no card. With no ideas in his head the next morning, he asked me for a card. Of course, I had nothing appropriate for a 12 year old boy and no idea what to do.

And then I thought about those wonderful Thickers I bought months ago and had ever opened.

This card came together quick quick quick... the hardest part was masking off the AMuse stamp so that the word "wishes" didn't get inked.

I have no idea who the patterned paper is by. I layered it on top of a piece of black and then on to a white card.

Easy and simple.... great for a 12 year old boy who would be all about the gift and not about the card!
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Tracy.H said...

Great card, Nancy! Love the colors. Enjoy your day. ;0)

Wendy said...

Thickers??? Love it girl!