Friday, October 23, 2009

*Sister Challenge*

Happy Friday everyone!

Sorry to have been away all week...  not sure where the days went, but they got away with me not posting a darn thing to my blog!

I had also hoped to do some stamping this week, but that hasn't happened since Monday either.  I want to, but I can distract myself pretty easily LOL!  I am hoping to do some this afternoon....  would love to start now but we are off to Alex's school in a bit for Parent/Teacher interviews.  So after that.  I hope

Have a sick kid and a sick dog at home with me the last few days.  Not sure what is up with Milo but he has some sort of skin irritation between his shoulder blades... we went to the vet yesterday and he's on antibiotics and thankfully he is already feeling at least a little better...  he didn't want to eat yesterday, but he has today.  Poor Pup!  And Alex started feeling sick on Wednesday evening...  slight fever, bad headache (still has it), slight cough.  I kept him home from school yesterday and today is a day off.  He's taking it easy and I'm hoping he'll be feeling well again soon!

Back in September, my sister Heather came out for a visit from Toronto.  We had a great time together.  We even managed a few crafting days during her visit.  Heather started out as a stamper and card maker about the time Mom got me started with it... but after some crap in her life, she gave it up completely...  we were all sad that she was no longer interested in being creative.  But then, somehow, she picked up her papercrafting supplies again, but discovered she had morphed into a scrapbooker instead!!  So she scrapbooked, while I carded.

The one day I was having trouble getting myself going while we were crafting so she showed me a link and said "try this layout"... and so I did.  It ended up that she sent me a bunch of links and I popped off cards using those as inspiration.  Worked well for me!


So, here is my first Sister Challenge card...

The card Heather showed me is HERE.  I loved the idea of it being a Christmas card, but I didn't want to out and out copy the card... so instead I grabbed my Sizzix Daisies #2 die and played with that instead.

Items Used:
*Cardstock:  Coredi'nations; Staples brand white
*Patterned Paper:  Black River Designs
*Images:  Stampin' Up! Best Yet
*Ink:  VersaFine Onyx
*Tools:  Sizzix Daises #2 Die (Stampin' Up!); Big Shot
*Embellishments:  Stampin' Up! black twine; Doodlebug shimmer brad 

I didn't have a brad that was going to match my card so I got a little creative....  I took that Doodlebug Shimmer brad and coloured it with a black Copic marker...  it's a nice soft black colour and the shimmer still manages to show through!

Thank you to Heather for helping me get creative!!

And Thank You to my visitors for popping by!!  Have a wonderful Friday!

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Tracy.H said...

Its a very pretty one too. I love this DP! :0)

Susan Raihala said...

Such a pretty card...and you were so creative with the brad!

Melany said...

A sister challenge sounds fun! Wish I had a sister...

Love the colors and the daisies!