Wednesday, December 23, 2009

*Running Out Of Things To Share*

Not a good thing....  after today, I have only one card left to share with you!  Perhaps today my Mom, sister and I will have to craft for a bit.  I don't want to leave you coming back to my blog with nothing fun to see!

I wasn't sure I'd ever get all the cards shown this year since I kept showing new ones as I made them instead of showing them in the order in which they were created.

And I am very pleased to report that I have surpassed the number of cards made last year.... last year I did 157 different designs.... and the card I am sharing today is #171!  WOO HOO!!!

I don't have the information on this card so you'll have to hate me if you really wanted to know the details....  I know I used a sketch but I have no idea which one or from where.  The papers are Stampin' Up! Whisper White and some Bazzill Bling;  The swirl is Dot Flourishes by InkADinkADoo, snowflakes are by someone else (LOL), and the sentiment is PaperTreyInk Signature Christmas.  I stamped the images across all three layers in Encore Ultimate Metallic blue ink and then embossed it, I think, in silver pearl embossing powder.  At least I think that's what I did for ink.  And I think those are sparkly brads on the card... hard to tell for sure and I mailed off the original.

So I kinda knew a lot more about the card than I thought I did... but not all of it.  Sorry about that.

I hope that you don't need to hit the malls today... I understand that the malls in Calgary were *very* busy yesterday.  Line ups to get into the parking lots and no parking spaces to be found.  I think I would have turned around and gone home!  I need to head out to get my Christmas groceries today and that's it.  Done done done.  Wrapping was finished yesterday.  Baking is done.  Bring.  It.  On!!!
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Myrna said...

Congrats on surpassing last years cards. Wow what a lot of them. This one is lovely.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Tracy.H said...

Love this one, Nancy. Yup, we are finished here too. We have just been making some Cookie bark and some more Sugar Plums...oh and EL lost her first front tooth tonight...she looks so cute! ;0)

Susan Raihala said...

What a fabulous card! love the layout and the colors and the stamps!