Saturday, December 05, 2009

*Snowin' and Blowin'*

According to the news, the city averaged about 15cms of snow in the last 25 hours (about 6 inches), but the wind is what has caused the city to pretty much shut down.  There are snow drifts everywhere, and some are HUGE!

You can see what I mean in this photo of our backyard, taken from one of the upstairs bedrooms.

There is no snow on the ground in front of the shed, but right beside it the drift is getting close to 5 feet high!  There is a garden swing that is completely buried.  On one part of the deck there is a patio chair completely covered by snow, but a few feet over there is just a light dusting of snow.

We've had to dig a path off the deck three times now so that Milo can get out to do his business!

We enjoyed a nice evening at home, decorating the house for Christmas, watching a little TV... staying warm and safe.  Apparently things aren't much better out there yet so it might be another day spent at home.  Alex has a party to go to at 3... wonder if he and Bruce will make it there OK?!

I think I will spend my time in the house doing laundry and a little card making.

This card was created when the CalGals met at my house in October.  We were playing with glitter and double sided tape.  I was amazed at how different the glitter looked when I burnished it (used the backing from the tape as protection and rubbing it hard with my bone folder).... the glitter got brighter and more vibrant.  And I think it sparkles more!

Unfortunately, I didn't write down what I used on this card... no idea on the ink colour I used, but I know that the stamp is by Impress.  I added some of the Michaels bridal flowers and some Swarovski Crystals in their centres.  The glitter I used was Doodlebug (the blue) and Glitter Ritz (the silver).

A pretty simple card....  but I think I like it!
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Allison said...

Ugh...five feet? Whoa! I got a mouthful of it last night while shoveling...grr! Fab card...I have to try that glitter trick (there is a whole bunch I have to try!).

Kendra said...

Great card, never tried the glitter and double sided tape, but I might have to! Uck... don't miss living in Northern Alberta... we don't have snow (yet) in SW Ontario, thankfully!