Sunday, September 19, 2010

*Not Really Here*

It's Sunday.... it's grey.... it's cool.... and I'm still in Regina

We held Mom's memorial a week ago yesterday.  It was, for a Memorial, very nice.  My Uncle and two cousins did a fabulous job of the Eulogy with laughter and tears (and props!).  I know my Mom would have loved it.

Monday my sisters and I filled a dumpster.  In one day.  We thought we wouldn't need another, but we worked hard all week, sent two pick up trucks full of useable stuff to the thrift store, and we have another almost full dumpster on the driveway.

We signed the papers to sell the house around noon on Thursday, had two showings that evening despite the house being full of boxes and mess.... and by Friday morning we had an offer and by lunchtime had a conditional sale.  We are waiting on the building inspection to see if the condition will be lifted and the sale will be final.  If all goes through, the house will no longer be ours at noon on October 4th.

One short month since Mom's passing.

Funny how she struggled and suffered for so long, but the sale of the house is so quick.

We have worked very hard to get the house cleared out.  Heather and I want to go home.  We need a few more trucks to head to the thrift store including a few runs of furniture.  We still need to pack the dishes in the kitchen.  We still have to work on Mom's craft room.  And then there's Dad's workbench and the Christmas boxes.  The craft room, workbench and Christmas boxes are going to be difficult as those are the things that hold the most memories for all of us.

I am doing OK... I miss my husband and kids, I miss my friends, I miss being a part of my own life.  I am exhausted both physically and emotionally.  I need a massage (or three) and I may live at my chiropractors office for a few weeks....  I plan on crawling in to a hot bath as soon as I walk in the door of my home... and I hope my husband and kids will unpack my suitcases and start my laundry while I relax.

Anyway....  I only have a couple of cards on my hard drive to share with you....  and I have no idea when I'll be crafting again.  I plan on heading home on October 2nd....  but who knows when there will be time or mojo.

But for today, a card... to reward you for your patience!
Again, no great details on the card as the book with all the information is on my craft desk at home.....  I can tell you it's Mojo147.  I used Michael's flowers, Stampin' Up! cardstock, Nestabilities, D'vine Swirl Cuttlebug folder, Kaiser Pearls and a sentiment by PaperTreyInk.  I guess I know everything about the card except the colours I used....  I know I got the colour combination from somewhere, but no idea at this point.

Have I told you how much I love those Michael's Bridal flowers???  I love that they keep their shimmer after they've been coloured.  I love that they take the colour so nicely from markers or sponges or ink pads.  I love that I can customize them so easily.  They are probably my most used and most loved embellishment!

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with condolences.... and a big thank you to everyone who has donated to the Hospice in Mom's name... we really do appreciate your thoughts and generousity!

Thanks for your patience.... I don't know when I'll be back with another card, but I will be.....
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Sunday, September 05, 2010

*It Was Time*

This is a purely personal post....  and it will be a few weeks before there is anything crafty here.  I hope you'll keep checking in....

It is with a very heavy heart and great sadness, that I am writing to let you know that my Mom, Bev Barnett, passed away peacefully with her three daughters at her side on Saturday, September 4th, 2010 after her battle with cancer.  The last two months have been a very hard battle for Mom and we are all relieved to know that she is no longer struggling and no longer in pain.

We know for sure that Mom has joined Dad thanks to a very interesting "coincidence"....  we will never forget the date and time that Dad passed away on May 4th, 2006 (that's 04/05/06) at 6:54pm....  and we know for sure that Dad came to get her as Mom passed away on the 4th of September at 6:54pm.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been made, but keep an eye on the Saskatchewan Obituaries if you are interested.

We are asking that anyone who knew mom, was touched by her kindness, or loved her cards, please consider making a donation to the Regina Wascana Grace Hospice.  The hospice is the wonderful facility where Mom spent her last 6 weeks.  The staff there was absolutely amazing...  showing so much care, concern and compassion not only for Mom but for us girls as well.

They have a memorial wall inside of the hospice.... when donations are made in someone's name, either a bronze leaf, a silver leaf, or a gold butterfly.... each of those are based on how much money is donated.  We were told by several people over the course of Mom's illness that she was a butterfly..... so we'd like to try to get Mom a butterfly on the wall of the hospice....

If you are interested in making a donation, please save the form below and print it off....  fill it out and send it with your Canadian cheque or money order to
Wascana Grace Hospice
50 Angus Rd
Regina SK  S4R 8P6

We would truly love any support we can get to make Mom a butterfly.....

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, love and support for all of us during this most difficult time.  Mom loved all of the cards she received in her mailbox.... it was wonderful to have them on display at the hospice, catching the eye of all of the staff.
If you need my address for the bottom of the form, please email me privately
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