Wednesday, October 19, 2011

*Perfect Layers Tool*

I am so excited to be part of a program with the company that created the Perfect Layers Tool.... for a while Stampin' Up! sold this wonderful tool for layering and many people have said they found them on QVC in the US.  I bought mine through Stampin' Up! and lately use them on almost every card I create with straight edged layers.

The tools are SO easy to use....  simply choose the size of mat you want (I use 1/16" most of the time)....  attach your top layer to the next layer with adhesive.  Then, take the Perfect Layers Tool and slide it over the top layer until the edge of the layer catches on the guide.  Then, using your craft knife, simply cut.  Do this on all sides to create a perfect layer every time!

No more guessing at your paper cutter, no more crooked cuts, no more off centre layers!

If you're interested in these great tools, simply go HERE and use the coupon code nelrick5% ... and you'll get a 5% discount!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool.... and will be sharing more projects made with it soon!  Some of my recent projects are now tagged with PerfectLayers... click on the word in the tag on the right and you'll see some of the creations I've made recently!

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mudmaven said...

Thanks so much for this Nancy! Mine is now on it's way to me - YAY! I never managed to get them from SU and now I get a second chance. ~chris