Thursday, July 26, 2012

*With My Feet Up*

I am writing from the La-Z-Boy portion of our sectional in the family room, where I have been camped out for a few days, on and off.  

Monday, I was being silly and went to do a TaeKwon Do kick and managed to kick the railing in my kitchen with my right foot.  This happened just as our company for dinner walked in the door.  Bruce came to my rescue and got dinner on the table while I sat with my foot up with ice on it.

My foot was pretty darn sore all evening long, often with sharp shooting pains while I was sitting completely still.  Sleeping was difficult that night because I had trouble keeping my foot comfortable.

Tuesday morning it wasn't any better... there was bruising, still the sharp shooting pains.... so I asked a friend to take me to get it checked out.

After approximately 4 hours at the Urgent Care Centre and an X-ray, I was told I broke two toes on my right foot (the baby toe and the one next to it).

Now, they don't do much for broken toes....  rest, ice, elevation....  Tuesday night it was still really bad, Wednesday, which happened to be my birthday, I woke up and it was feeling somewhat better.  I could walk with a little less hobbling.  I went out to lunch with friends, had dinner out with my family.... and then the sharp shooting pains began again.  I guess I overdid it.

So today, I have been on the couch other than to prepare dinner for Matthew and I (Alex is in New York and Bruce has to work late)...  it's more sore than yesterday but better than it was on Tuesday.  The bruising is beautiful shades of black and blue.

And I am so bored I could scream LOL!  I wonder if I could set up a way to get my foot up and still create??  I might have to try that tonight.

For now, I am showing you a card I created a while back....  I really wanted to play with bright colours on black.


Carole RB said...

Sorry about your toes. I once or should I say twice broke a toe. Both times the toe has been taped with the next toe and it helped a lot. You can try it... doesn't cost a lot and the pain was much lighter. Comfrey (fresh roots or balm) help a lot for healing. I hope it can help you because I know it's very painful.

Gailanne said...

I feel for you! I wrenched my ankle today, and have been hobbling ever since. Time to apply ice.
Just try to take it easy and enjoy having nothing to do but watch the Olympics on TV!

Val said...

Oh Nancy...sorry to hear about your foot! It's too bad that it happened so close to your birthday too! Hope it will heal quickly and you'll be back "on your feet" again soon!

QuiltNut Creations said...

Beautiful card Nancy! Hope you are a little more mobile now.