Monday, October 29, 2012

*Perfect Layers Tools*

I have been wanting to do a post for a while, showing what a difference my Perfect Layers Tools make in a card.

A lot of people said to me that they can just cut a larger mat for their layers and save the money.... what they are missing out on is the idea of the layers being perfectly centred, every time.  No matter how careful I was before I got my Perfect Layers Tools, my layers were never straight.  If they were, it was a fluke.  The Perfect Layers Tools take away the human error of crooked layers.

It also takes away the math.  LOL  You just decide how wide you want your layers, find the right part of the rulers and voila!  There are 8 choices on two rulers for sizes of layers.  It doesn't matter if your smaller layer is an easy size to measure.  Just have the lip grab the smaller layer and use your craft knife to cut the lines of the next layer down.  There is a great video on their website ... just click the Perfect Layers Tools graphic on the right side of my blog.

One trick I've found with using patterned paper or thinner cardstocks....  flick the edges of the smaller layer up just a little bit so that the rules can catch them easier.

Now... on to the photo....  I wanted to show how a 1/16th contrasting layer can really make elements of your card POP!
The card on the left is nice enough... but I love the card on the right.... just a little bit of a POP!  It just stands out better.

If you're interested in Perfect Layers Tools, click the graphic on the right under Perfect Layers Tools.  If you use nelrick5% in your checkout, you'll get a 5% discount!!!

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Terstamper said...

Very Pretty! A nice quick and easy card.

Ter ;)