Thursday, November 23, 2006

*Free Stuff is Good!*

There are a few different offers out there for some free stuff for your cardmaking/paper crafting.

I found an offer for free Uhu Glue samples on It's All About the Journey. I believe you have to have to craft related blog for them to send you the glue. She has a great review of the free glue she received as well as information as to how to get your own glue. My glue came this afternoon but it sat in my mailbox where it is -13C today so it's a little too cold to use at the moment. Once it's warmed up and I have some time, I'll play with it and let you know how it works!

I also came across another blog (Ask Me To Stamp) that has information about a way to get some free cardstock Follow the links there to Prism Paper and see if you can't get yourself a free sample of their product.

EDIT: Thanks to Sheila in Seattle who tells me the Prism Paper give away is over.... sorry about that gals!


scrappersister said...

Thank you for including my blog in your free article post. :) That was very nice of you.


Sheila in Seattle said...

The Prism Paper link says that the contest is over. :(