Saturday, November 25, 2006

*Happy Holidays CASE*

I haven't had a lot of time to get crafty and when I have been crafting, I've been trying to work on my Christmas cards. I've decided to do a few different designs this year (which is new for me). So far I have a dozen each of two different designs... ones you've already seen on my blog (the white with the three snowflakes and ribbon and the snowman on the Certainly Celery cardstock).

In surfing yesterday, I found a beautiful and simple card on Natasha's Blog . I don't have the stamp set she used, but I knew I had others that would work. Being short on crafty time (had Bruce's office Christmas Party last night), I thought I would use her card, make a few changes, and post it on my blog. I feel bad when I don't have new things to share with you all more often!

This is pretty much a straight case of Copy And Share Everything. I loved everything about her card so I decided to make it for myself! I used True Thyme and Cranberry Crisp. I added some of the Sakura Stardust Gel pen in clear on the little tree in the circle and in silver around each of teh three stamped images to add some bling.

This card also gave me a chance to play with the Uhu Glue Samples I received earlier this week. I received the Twist 'n' Glue and the Scrapbookers Pen.

These are both clear liquid glues that work very well. The applicators are nice. With the Twist 'n' Glue, you can either have it twisted all the way down so only the green nozzle is at the end of the applicator and it will leave a dot of glue. Or you can twist it up and have the applicator nozzle embedded in a plastic piece that will spread out the glue. I used just the green small tip to add some bling to another card and it held well.

The Scrapbookers Pen has a great applicator nozzle that allows you to spread out the glue as you go along. Both dry quite quickly which is good in some cases... but sometimes you need to have the glue dry a little more slowly so you can play with the placement. I'm not a big glue person (mostly use double sided adhesive) but I found this stuff to be very user friendly. I'll definitely be pulling it out more often than other glues.


Tracy.H said...

Very nice, Nancy!

Cindy Keery said...

I like this card a lot! Also, thanks for the review of the glue... I will give mine a try next time I stamp, which will most likely be tonight since there's a hockey game on. :-|

Heather said...

Beautiful card, Nancy! I love the splash of color.