Monday, February 26, 2007

*Bright and Happy*

I can't believe my weekend to myself is already over. Time flies so darn fast the older I get! While I am glad that my boyz are all home safe and sound after wonderful adventures, I don't think I was quite "done" being on my own.

There are some people in my world who don't understand why it was so great for me to have time alone... but these are people who are alone all the time. I guess when you're always alone you look forward to having people around. But when there is almost always someone else around, someone else you have to be concerned for, someone else making ripples in your pool, you look forward to whatever time you can get to yourself.

I enjoyed being able to do what I wanted, eat what I wanted (when I wanted), watch what I wanted.... not that I don't get to do that when the family is around, but I didn't have to worry about making anyone else happy for two whole days. That was nice.

Getting a break here and there from my husband and kids makes me a better wife and mother. It gives me a chance to recharge my batteries.

Part of my weekend was spent stamping... that was fun too! I don't often stamp on the weekends or when my husband is home. It was great to have more time to play.

This card was inspired by some patterned paper by 3 Bugs In A Rug. I cut a strip of it showcasing just these funky flowers and then based the colours of my card on the paper. I used Certainly Celery, Almost Amethyst and Rose Red. I added a layer of Certainly Celery behind the strip of patterned paper. To create the Celery scalloped oval, I punched two of them out and layered them behind the Amethyst oval. I added some doodles with my black pen to the edges of the card and around the scallops for some interest.

You can't see it really well in the scan, but there is a Swarovski Crystal in the centre of each of the flowers as well as three in the bottom right hand corner of the card.

Thanks for coming to look... have a good Monday!


Cindy Keery said...

This is a very cheery card! You know, I would love a stamp to do that doodling around the inside edge of the oval. Maybe you should submit your doodles to CHF and become a stamp artist!!

Tracy said...

Hi Nancy, I too love my alone time, and am married with 1 child. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to recharge ones batteries --it's a normal thing to do ( think of all those moms who don't because they feel their kids/husband would deflate without the mom/wife always around ---and then the mom/wife deflates herself ). There's even been the odd time I would spend a weekend at a hotel with a jacuzzi. All I'd do is rent a few movies, buy some altered art magazines grab some bad food and hole up in the room ---ahhhh bliss :-) Ya know, I may start saving for something like that again soon ! Oh, thanks again for your kind words on Dottis CC. It is good to be back. Take care, Tracy